30 Self-Care Ideas That You Can Use to Create a Routine

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Self-care idea lists are great to look at when we are feeling a bit down or have a low mood. But some of these ideas are not very practical for the long-term. Creating a self-care routine is important to your overall mental health and can help manage stress and anxiety.

It is something that most people currently lack.  It’s too easy to get caught up in the daily drama of life and end up forgetting that we should make our well-being a priority.

This list of self-care ideas was made with that in mind.  These ideas can easily be used to create a new routine or incorporate in an existing one.

30 Self-Care Ideas That You Can Use to Create a Routine

  1. Start tracking your habits or mood
  2. Start journaling (gratitude, diary, devotional, etc.)
  3. Go for a walk outside in your neighborhood or local park
  4. Read something (your favorite book, something you’ve been wanting to read, the Bible, comic book, magazine, etc.)
  5. Meditate for 10-20 minutes (reflections, introspection, things you like about yourself, etc.)
  6. Have a healthy snack (fresh fruit, yogurt, fresh veggies, etc.)
  7. Have a refreshing drink (tea, coffee, glass of wine, etc.)
  8. Do some yoga or stretching
  9. Listen to you favorite song or dance to it
  10. Listen to a podcast or TED Talk
  11. Draw some doodles or do some coloring
  12. Use a face mask
  13. Give yourself a makeover (play dress-up with your clothes, play with your makeup, style your hair, give yourself a manicure or pedicure, etc.)
  14. Light a candle or some incense
  15. Moisturize your body, especially your face and hands
  16. Draw a warm bath
  17. Watch a movie
  18. Call a friend to see how they are doing
  19. Take a quick nap
  20. Take up a hobby (learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, try some crafts or a DIY, etc.)
  21. Revisit good memories (look at old photos, read your journal, start a scrapbook, etc.)
  22. Volunteer your time and skills
  23. Treat yo self, it can be something small like a cupcake or new notebook
  24. Declutter or clean your home (organize a closet, shoes, pantry, etc.)
  25. Try digital decluttering (organize and clear your e-mail inbox, computer files, phone photos, cloud photos, etc.)
  26. Tackle something on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding
  27. Make a future plan/set future goals (vision board,  bucket list, trip/vacation, financial goals, short-term & long-term goals, etc.)
  28. Cook or bake something new or from a recipe you’ve saved for a while
  29. Do some creative writing (a short story, essay, or poem)
  30. Go local (art gallery, library, museum, coffee shop, etc.)

How to Create Your Own Self-Care Routine

Making a routine out of these ideas is as easy as picking a few activities that are easily achievable for you and making a commitment to do them at least once or twice a week.

Then, use a habit tracker, journal, or calendar as a method to keep track of your consistency and progress.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated and with this list of 30 easy self-care ideas, there’s no excuse not to start practicing self-care regularly.

Create your own routine today to start improving your mindset and overall well-being.



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