Best Small Kitchen Appliances

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There are essential kitchen appliances such as a toaster or a blender that almost everyone has, and then there are those extra ones that you are on the fence about.  It can be hard to make a decision when you aren’t sure if they are worth the money or if you will ever really use them after you buy them.  So what are the best small kitchen appliances?

As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I have a few favorite appliances that I’ve come to use over and over again.

Small Kitchen Appliances that are Worth Every Penny

Air Fryer

My air fryer gets almost daily use,  I’m so happy I purchased one.  I had probably the same concerns that the majority of people have before buying one.  Will it actually work?  What can I cook in it?  Is it worth the money? Can it really replace a deep fryer and can I really fry things without oil?  Will they taste good?  The answer to all those question is definitely a yes.  I use my air fryer for so much!  My favorites are salmon (frozen or fresh), potatoes (baked/roasted, french fries, hash, etc.), chicken wings, spring rolls, roasted vegetables, corn on the cob, turkey legs, hot dogs, and more.

I was really surprised when I used it to “fry” things like spring rolls, empanadas, taquitos, etc. and they didn’t taste baked.  Of course they didn’t taste exactly like the would if they were fried in oil, but they don’t taste like a consolation either.  They actually taste good.  Sometimes I fry them without any added grease, and sometimes I use a little oil spritzer to coat things and make them extra crispy.

The other thing I found surprising about the air fryer is that you can use any oven safe dish as well as foil and parchment paper in it.

Honestly, I have so much fun looking up new recipes to try in the air fryer and trying things myself.  It’s such an innovative appliance. I’m glad they are gaining popularity too, since now there are endless ideas out there for me to gain inspiration from.

The Air Fryer I Use (Farberware)

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Most likely everyone has heard of these before: a single serve coffee maker.  They are usually pretty straightforward, you just fill a water tank with water, place a branded pod/capsule inside the machine, then press a button and start filling your cup with your beverage of choice. Keurig is well known for this particular style, and I have used one of their models before.

I found that these machines are perfect if it’s convenience that you’re looking for.  You can have a hot cup of coffee ready in under a minute, as well as serve a few people each different drinks easily.

However, I don’t think these machines necessarily replace a coffee a maker or other brewer as the drinks are often watered down tasting.   Of course, I have only ever tried one machine, so perhaps with different brand machine and pods/capsules the case could be different.

But if the idea of having a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa ready in seconds sounds good to you, perhaps you could consider getting one.

Stand Mixer

While I love stand mixers, my number one reservation about adding the classic KitchenAid stand mixer to this list is that it is quite pricey.  Although, if you wait for the holidays, you can often find a better deal.  That being said, the quality certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Many people have had their stand mixers for years and have been happily using them.

The main attraction for the KitchenAid stand mixer is the attachments that they sell.  If these interest you, make sure you buy a model that is compatible with them, and understand that they are sold separate from the mixers themselves.

The attachments range from a spiralizer to a meat grinder, and they can really make your stand mixer a powerhouse kitchen appliance.

Ice Cream Maker Machine

This is another one of those appliances that I wasn’t sure I was going to use if I bought it, but I went ahead and purchased it and have thankfully used it more than once since.

If you haven’t had homemade ice cream before, you are really missing out.  My favorite ice cream recipes are ones made with a custard (egg) base.  They are so rich and creamy.

The ice cream maker I bought is also a sorbet maker.  So, I can put cut up fresh fruit in the machine and make a fruit sorbet as well.

It also requires you to freeze the bowl before use, so I always make sure to clean the bowl after use and put it back in the freezer for the next time.

While most ice cream maker machines require you to free the bowl yourself, there are actually some self-freezing machines out there now so that you don’t have to wait 24 hours or so before making ice cream if a craving hits. (What a time to be alive.)

What I love most about having an ice cream maker is that I can experiment with whatever flavors I want.  My most successful recipe so far is blueberry cheesecake.  It was quite decadent. 😉

The Ice Cream Maker I Use (Cuisinart)


A multi-cooker might sound a little confusing if you’ve never heard that term before, but basically it’s an upgraded crock pot.  For example, the rice cooker that I use is a multi-cooker because I can also use it as a slow cooker and a steamer.

The most famous multi-cooker on the market right now is the Instant Pot.  It’s Pinterest and Insta famous!  It’s quite impressive too, it’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and more.

As you can probably tell by now, multi-cookers are quite efficient and can replace several other appliances.  My favorite thing to cook in my multi-cooker is actually boxed cake mix.  I make the mix according to the directions on the box, grease the bowl, pour half of the mix in, and run it through the “white rice” setting twice.  The cake comes out really moist and fluffy.

It definitely wouldn’t hold up to heavy decorating but if you wait for it to cool down you can still spread a little frosting on top.

Instant Pot MultiCooker

Those are my favorite small kitchen appliances.  Each one has a different purpose, making them all unique.  Appliances like the air fryer or multi-cooker are great for anyone looking to try new things as well as get more use out an appliance.  The ones with more specific uses like the ice cream maker are great for anyone who has a singular interest in mind.

What are your thoughts?  How many of these appliances have you used before and would you also recommend them?  What do you consider the best small kitchen appliances that you don’t regret buying?



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