Best Ways to Tone Up Fast

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Toning up doesn’t require as much effort as you may think.  There are easy ways to tone up fast without ever setting foot in a gym. You can even do it at home! The best ways to tone up can be achieved without expensive equipment.

Besides losing weight, the most common body goal is to tone up.  You may have a goal of toning up your whole body, or working on one area that you lack confidence in.  For most people that is arms, abs, or legs.

I think it’s the most satisfying exercise goal because the results are quick and noticeable.  There are several easy that ways you can start toning up today.

Easy Ways to Tone Up Fast


Stretching is one of the easiest ways to tone up.  It is also easy to incorporate in a daily routine.  Stretching is recommended before/after working out anyway, and you can make it a goal to stretch when you wake up or before bedtime.  Not only will this improve your flexibility, but when done consistently, it can help you tone up.  Although, this will not produce as noticeable results as some of the more intensive activities on this list.


This is the next easiest way to tone up.  If you are lucky enough to have a place near you or your neighborhood that you feel comfortable walking at, then you can try walking a few times a week to tone up your legs.  You should see a difference in your body as well, but you will most likely notice changes in the shape of your legs first.  It really only takes 20-30 minutes of walking at a normal or moderate pace as well.

For those of you who aren’t able to find a place to walk outside, you can try at home walking workouts.  My favorite are those from Leslie Sansone.  She uses a mix of easy to follow moves to create her workouts that she repeats in all of her workouts.  This makes it so you can follow along to any segment easily.

Leslie Sansone: Walking Off The Pounds

Lifting Weights

Although weightlifting is a trend among women currently, I am not talking about lifting heavy weights.  You can do simple exercises with dumbbells and ankle weights, and still see improvements in your arms and legs.  Also, kettlebell workouts are easy to complete at home, but should only be done with caution.  It is very easy to hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As you get more comfortable with the exercises and the weight, you can increase the weight and reps to tone up more.


Pilates is essentially a combination between yoga and strength exercise movements.  It may seem simple because the movements are straightforward, but it can cause you to be sore for days sometimes.  That is because Pilates consists of movements that use your whole body.  While the movements may seem isolated, (since often they are focusing on one specific body part), they require all your strength.   Your whole body is often concentrated on completing one movement for a certain number of reps (or a certain amount of time), which can produce outstanding results.

My favorite way do Pilates at home is by just searching YouTube for a video.  You can try searching things like “pilates workout”, “pilates for beginners”, “pilates at home workout”, etc.  Although, my favorite workouts are from Cassey Ho, the queen of pilates on Youtube.  You can find her videos on her channel, Blogilates.

Don’t feel discouraged if you find the movements difficult, just do what you are comfortable with. They are supposed to be hard! Even very athletic people sometimes have trouble doing pilates if they’ve never tried it before, which is another testament to it’s effectiveness.


Dancing is another form of exercise that will result in a full body workout.  Depending on the intensity, it can be great cardio too.

If you are blessed with rhythm, I suppose you could make a commitment to try dancing to your favorite songs a few times a week, but I’m guessing that’s not the case for the majority of us.

Again, this is where YouTube comes in handy.  Luckily, for those of us who can’t dance there are many Zumba workouts on YouTube.  You can try searching things like “zumba dance”, “zumba workout”, “easy zumba workout”, etc.  You can even try searching for your favorite song + “zumba”.

Internet Challenges

Internet challenges may have a bad connotation these days thanks to a few potentially dangerous ones spreading like wildfire, but they are not all bad.  Exercise challenges have been around for years now.  You may have seen them pop up on your feed before.  They are usually in the form of a very large image with a psychically fit person in the background and the text of how many reps you should do (for a specific movement such as squats or pushups) and for how long overlayed on top.

Googling things like “30 day squat challenge” or “100 pushups a day challenge” will provide you with more examples.

To be honest, this method is the most dubious, but it can be effective if you are consistent and pick an effective challenge.  But again, it can be very easy to hurt yourself because these challenges often ask you to push your limits daily, so only attempt one with extreme caution.

I personally like to look at a few challenges and then make my own.  For example, if I wanted to be able to plank for a full minute, I would write down a goal of how many seconds to hold a plank each day for the period of one month or so.  The amount of time would increase in small increments over that period of time, and I would be sure to add rest days as well.

These are the Best Ways to Tone Up Fast at Home

I hope you found that list useful.  It covers the most simple methods such as stretching and yoga, to the most extreme methods like internet challenges that you can use to tone up fast.

I have personally tried all of these methods before and find them easily accessible, yet effective.

If you want the satisfaction of looking or feeling stronger and more fit, you can give one of these methods a try.

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