How to be a Better Person by Being More Self-Aware

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You can be a better person to yourself and to other people by taking small steps to be more self aware.

How Being More Self-Aware Benefits You

Being more self-aware can help in many areas of your life. It can help you reach your goals, navigate through a tough time, and help improve your relationships.

It helps you get familiar with your behaviors and thought patterns so you can work in a more efficient and productive manner.

Also, its allows you to be more honest with yourself about your shortcomings, which can help remove the guilt and shame surrounding them.

How it Affects the People in Your Life

When you start to be more self-aware, you will notice a desire to be responsible for your behavior. This helps you not to project your insecurities on other people or blame them for your failures.

You will start to be more forgiving and compassionate with others and with yourself.

What Can You Do to Be More Self-Aware?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…


Journaling is the next “adult coloring book” trend. However, there are many mental health benefits of journaling that can’t be overlooked. Journaling is fantastic for self-discovery. Try journaling daily or as often as possible (you can keep it short) to keep track of your feelings about your current situation, what you are going through, your mindset, etc. Keeping a record like this is something you can reference to reflect on your behavior and track personal growth.

Habit Tracking

Habit tracking can be used to break bad habits, keep track of goals, and live intentionally. You can use habit tracker printables, a habit tracking journal, or habit tracking apps to achieve this.


Meditation can help you be more mindful, focused, and present. When you sit down in a quiet place with your eyes closed for a minutes you’ll begin to think about whatever you’ve been avoiding. Bringing those thoughts to the forefront of your mind can help you face them in an objective manner and release any hold they’ve had over you so you can begin to move forward.


Podcasts, Ted Talks, sermons, etc. are important to gain a different perspective about anything you’re going through. They are often a source of encouragement as you can relate to other peoples’ experience to feel less lonely and more self-confident.

Controlling and Monitoring Reactions

Whether it’s a little attitude, anger problem, impulse buys, etc., thinking before you react to something someone said or a particular situation is a matter of self-control and self-discipline. Your reactions will become purposeful and thoughtful instead of based on the emotions you feel in the moment. It can be hard to do this regularly and think of consequences before reacting to something, but the more you practice it the easier it will become.

Letting Go of Pride

To be self-aware also includes noticing how your behavior and words affect other people. Pay attention to how other people react around you and make an effort to change anything you feel is appropriate to change, even if it means admitting harsh truths to yourself.

Be Willing to Change

Change is never easy. The first step is to recognize the areas you can improve upon, but next you have to be willing to change. It’s a daily, mental effort. Be sure to constantly reflect and remind yourself of how far you’ve come to stay encouraged.

How to Improve Your Self-Awareness and Why It’s Important

This list may seem overwhelming at first, but the fact that you are even considering being more self-aware is something to be celebrated.

Don’t think you have to do everything at once; and don’t think that changes will happen overnight.

Pick one relevant suggestion and practice it as best as you can until it becomes second nature, then add another.
Doing it slowly doesn’t mean you’re lazy or unwilling, it ensures that you are dedicated to making lifestyle changes that will last.

Take steps today to be more self-aware so you can know yourself better and be more compassionate towards yourself and others.



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