Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Feeling Discouraged

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How to overcome discouragement when working towards your goals.

Tips to be Less Discouraged While Chasing Your Dreams

Most goals and dreams seem nearly impossible before they are achieved.  Some common goals are to start a business, live a healthier lifestyle, and improve your emotional health.

All of those goals require intense dedication and daily attention.

With so much to do, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and even discouraged.

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals

It’s okay to be discouraged about your goals.  They are probably big and have to do with creating a better life for yourself, which is something you should take pride in.  It’s not easy to achieve those kinds of dreams, and they certainly don’t happen overnight.

But getting stuck in discouragement isn’t where anyone wants to be. It will only slow you down and cause you unnecessary pain.

If you’ve been having a lot anxiety about your goals or your lack of progress lately, there are some questions you can ask yourself to help you clear your mind and get motivated again.

Are my Expectations Realistic?

Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself is a surefire way to be constantly discouraged.  Consider what metrics you are using to measure yourself up against, are they reasonable?

Do My Expectations Match My Efforts?

If you’re expectations aren’t what’s holding you back, maybe it’s your efforts.  When you are stressed out and have anxiety about something, it can cause you to be exhausted quickly.  You may think you’ve been “working” on something for a while without seeing results, but if you reflect on your efforts, you may find you’ve only been worrying more than anything else.

Similar to exhausting yourself with discouraging thoughts, you can get caught up in information overload and chasing inspiration without taking any action.

If you can relate to that, reflect on your efforts recently, are they lacking?  Are you taking any real action to reach your goals?

Am I Consistent?

When we worry too much our thinking becomes cloudy.  We have a hard time making decisions and rejoicing in the successes and milestones reached.  When that happens we can lose focus and not pay attention to what’s in front us that’s already working.

Is there a method or behavior that’s been producing results that you’ve been ignoring?

If there is, be sure to pay extra care and attention to it, being consistent with it so it can propel you forward faster.

Is it My Perspective?

When your situation is bad or you haven’t had the results you were expecting by your current timeline, you can get easily discouraged.  While we all sometimes experience misfortune that warrants those feelings, there are those times when we blow the disappointment out of proportion.

Try to be as objective and realistic about your situation as possible.  Ask yourself, is your situation really bad or is it your perspective that’s bad?

Are there things to be grateful for that you’ve forgotten recently?  Did you forget to find joy in the last milestone you hit?

Have I Tried Everything?

Again, when our mental load is heavy, it’s easy to feel exhausted and overworked.  In the process, you may be a little disillusioned about the steps you’ve taken to reach your goals.

Ask yourself if there are any other options worth exploring before throwing in the towel.

Am I Comparing Myself to Others?

Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous practice.  The truth is, everyone is on their own journey.  They are on their own path and what works for them might not work for you.

We can never know the full extent of other peoples’ circumstances, so what you see or read isn’t even the full picture.

When you focus too much on others and how you are doing worse than them, you miss what’s meant for you.

Even if it takes more time to get there, it will happen for you.

Don’t get distracted by what you think you’re missing out on and slow your journey down in the process.

Did I Forget How Much Progress I’ve Made?

The biggest motivation you can have is remembering how far you’ve come.  Taking time to reflect upon and track your progress should be a regular practice so you can stay humble, grateful, and motivated.

If you find yourself getting too discouraged with a difficult task or slow progress, recall how far you’ve come since starting your journey.

How to Get Motivated Again When You’re Stuck

Having a dream is admirable, don’t lose it because you’re spending too much time in a negative mindset.

It’s your journey, no one else’s.  Focus on how rewarding it will be when you finally reach your goals.

Remember your “why” and fight tunnel vision at every setback.  Reflect regularly on your progress and learn to find joy in the small victories.

By confronting yourself with these questions about being discouraged, you can eliminate the thoughts that have been holding you back, and get motivated once again to reach your goals.

If you stay focused and remain consistent, you will see progress.

Good luck!



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