Self-Care Daily Checklist with Free Printables

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Use this self-care daily checklist to keep track of your habits, or use the blank worksheet to create a custom, personalized routine.

With all of the things we have to take care of in life, sometimes the easiest thing to neglect is ourselves. Without even thinking about it, we place work, family, friends, and everyday cares above ourselves. Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice a bit of our own comfort for the sake of whatever is going in our lives; the problem is when it becomes a habit.

While you can skimp here and there, you can’t neglect yourself altogether. The only thing that will accomplish is making you unhealthy and miserable. It can feel like the only solution is to keep working endlessly, but that can cause as many issues as it solves. And the reality is, the more time you invest in yourself, the more your overall time will improve in quality. You’ll be better mentally and physically, and therefore capable of giving more to the people and tasks that need you. It’s much more effective then spreading yourself thin, and eventually burning out.

Not all of us can cut out an hour or more of our day, and that’s fine. Even doing one, small thing every day can bring about change. Here are some really easy ways to take better care of yourself during the day.

Daily Self-Care Checklist

Drink Water

Eight glasses of water is the the most common recommended amount of water to drink daily.  However, only you can know if your body is hydrated enough or too much.  Regardless, tracking your water intake can help you realize if you are drinking too much or too little on a daily basis.  When you are dehydrated, you may feel more tired and like your energy has been drained.  Staying hydrated also helps curb your appetite, sometimes when we think we are hungry, we actually just need water.  One easy way to track your water intake is to carry a reusable water bottle throughout the day.  If it’s large enough, you can set a goal to drink the full amount in a day.  If it’s more portable, you can set a goal for how many times you refill it.


Meditation is a mindfulness practice.  It can help you stay in a positive mindset and is a great way to start or end they day.  Whether it’s meditating, praying, or doing devotional, it helps your mind slow down and process the events of the day.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is another way to practice positive thinking.  It doesn’t have to be hard, keeping a gratitude journal can be as simple as writing down one thing you are thankful for each day.

Do a Hard Task

A hard task is something you’ve been putting off for forever.  You will feel a huge burden lifted after you complete it.  If it can’t be done in one day, separate it into actionable steps (an actionable step is something you can act on that will affect the overall completion of the task).  Try to complete one actionable step each day.

Do a Fun Task

Time flies by so fast when life gets busy that we often forego any self-care.  Make sure you are getting in a little “me time” everyday whether it’s watching your favorite show, eating your favorite snack, pampering yourself, or working on your hobbies.

Have a Healthy Snack

It’s hard to get the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables in each day, but a little goes a long way.  Whether it’s fresh fruit, vegetables, or yogurt try to eat something nourishing for your body each day.

Take Vitamins

The type of vitamins you take depend on your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.  Ask your doctor or figure out the best regime for you.  Deficiencies are common and can be detrimental, combat these by taking vitamins daily.

Be Encouraged

Daily encouragement is an instant mood booster.  Whether it’s affirmations, a motivational podcast, or a sermon, try to be encouraged daily.


Exercise is universally dreaded, but it is so important for our overall health.  Even if it’s just a small goal, being active daily is something we should all strive for.  Some ideas for easy exercise are 20 minutes of walking or stretching, walking 10,000 steps everyday, or toning with small weights.


As an introvert, I understand how easy it is to go a long time without socializing.However, not socializing for long periods of time can have a negative affect on your mental health.  Whether it’s walking the dog, checking up with a friend, eating lunch with a friend, calling your mom, or grabbing a coffee, try to do something social everyday. 

How to Practice Self-Care Daily

This list is full of easy things you can do to help improve your overall mental and physical wellness. Life can get pretty busy, but that’s not a reason to neglect taking time for yourself. Taking ten minutes, or even just enough time to make sure you’re hydrated, can make a difference in how you feel. Doing these little things can add up to a larger, positive change.

Everyone deserves to take a little time for themselves during the day. Start with small, daily self-care practices, and see what kind of difference it can make for you.

Free Printable Daily Self-Care Checklist +  Blank Template

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Daily Self-Care Checklist

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