Bad Habits List

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A List of Bad Habits to Break

Habit tracking is often used as a form of goal setting.  For example, if you wanted to save $200 in one month, you would then create a goal for how much money to save weekly and try to put aside money or cut back on spending weekly to reach that goal.

You could use a habit tracker to keep track of your “zero spend” days – the days where you spent no money – or the the days when you were able to put some extra cash aside for your weekly target, all in an effort to be dedicated daily to reaching your goal of saving $200.

Likewise, when you think of habits to track in your bullet journal, things like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly might come to mind.  These are the basic habits we try to form to help us achieve a healthy lifestyle.

While it can absolutely have a positive impact in our lives to track these habits and goals, so can tracking the habits we are trying to break.

Why You Should Track Bad Habits

Tracking your bad habits helps you to be mindful of them and identify your triggers.  You will start to notice patterns in your behavior and become more self-aware of your actions.

After identifying the motives behind these actions, you will be able to address them.

You can slowly break free from these bad habits if you make a constant effort to track them and take necessary action.

Simple List of Bad Habits to Break


If no bad habits are coming to mind, that’s probably a good sign.  But I’m sure this list has some bad habits that you might not have thought of right off the top of your head.

Take a look at the list below and see if there are any bad habits that you should be tracking.

  1. Eating junk food too often.
  2. Impulse spending.
  3. Biting your nails.
  4. Lashing out at others.
  5. Consuming too much sugar.
  6. Going to bed too late.
  7. Too much screen time and time spent on phone.
  8. Road rage.
  9. Complaining too much and being a source of negativity.
  10. Binging a whole series or watching too many episodes in one sitting.
  11. Consuming too much caffeine.
  12. Being late on credit card and bill payments.
  13. Going to bed without makeup on or without washing your face.
  14. Recalling past mistakes and dwelling on them for too long.
  15. Stress eating or eating out of boredom.
  16. Inaction and indecisiveness, essentially worrying about something too much and not taking any action to solve the problem.
  17. Associating with people that you know have a negative impact on you.
  18. Not eating at regular intervals.
  19. Not doing any self-care activities.
  20. Never picking up clutter around the house or your bedroom.

Things to Stop Doing to Be Happy

While these bad habits can seem harmless at first glance, when done regularly over time (especially if in conjunction with each other) they can have a negative affect on your health, overall well-being, and happiness.

Types of Bad Habits

The bad habits on this list fall into two categories, ones you would want to do less frequently and ones you want to do more frequently.

For the ones that you are trying to do less regularly, it’s helpful to see just how often you do them, it can be quite a rude awakening to see, which can motivate you to make changes.

For the ones that you are trying to do more often, the large gap of time between when they are done can also be a wake up call.

Start Tracking Bad Habits Today

Consider if you need to start tracking any of these bad habits, or any other ones that might have come to mind after reading through the list, and how that could impact your life and happiness.

To get started today, you can print out and use a free habit tracker.



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