How to Create a Self-Care Routine You’ll Love

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Self-care is an important – albeit often unappreciated – practice that can greatly improve your overall well-being.  There are several areas of your life where you can practice self-care, including your physical, mental, and emotional health.

But perhaps you’ve never considered self-care a priority, and don’t know where to start.  I’ve created a worksheet to help you build a realistic self-care routine that you’ll love.

What Does Self-Care Mean to You?

The process of building your perfect self-care routine is rooted in figuring out what self-care means to you and how you can best incorporate it in your lifestyle.

Thus, this worksheet gives you self-care activity ideas and guides you on how to come up with ideas on your own.

After brainstorming some activities, you will filter through them by being realistic about the frequency of when you can do these activities.

In those few simple steps, you can come up with a self-care routine that’s perfect for your needs and is easy for you to practice regularly.

If you’re ready to get started, you can download the worksheet for free below.

Free Self-Care Routine Worksheet

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How to Practice Self-Care Regularly

To help keep yourself accountable and stay mindful of your new routine goals, you can use a habit tracker to track when you complete your activities and how often you are able to do so.

This will help you see if you are making self-care a regular practice by sticking to your routine.  You can find out if you have time for more activities, or need to adjust the frequency of certain ones.

Self-Care Routine Worksheet Free Printables

I hope you are able to download these worksheets, print them, and complete them to create your perfect self-care routine.  Good luck!


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