Tips to Help You Get Through Your Quarter Life Crisis

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9 Tips to Help You Survive Your Quarter Life Crisis 

Yes, quarter life crisis is a real thing, unfortunately.  Everyone seems to scoff at the idea, while the millennial generation is suffering through and from it. Millennials are entering the job market at the end of an economic crisis, which isn’t as rosy as lower unemployment rates and overall economic progress make it out to be. Couple that with what seems to be an inherent need for millennials to find jobs that actually matter to them, and make a difference in the world, and it’s a perfect set up for unhappiness.

It can be tough, realizing that your job, and possibly even your life, is not as fulfilling as it was purported to be, but there are things you can do to help you as you transition through this part of your life.

Don’t let anyone convince you it’s not real.

It is real and there’s nothing wrong with re-evaluating your life at any given time to make sure you’re happy and on the path to getting where you want to be.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Your quarter life crisis should be about you and your happiness.  If the root of your unhappiness is because you think everyone else’s life is better than yours, practice gratitude instead. Acknowledge the good things about your life and your situation before wondering why your life doesn’t look like someone else’s.

Look back on your accomplishments.

Everything you’ve done so far has brought you to this point. Don’t take that for granted.  There must have been plenty of times before that you thought you’d never make it out of a situation, but you did because you are here today. You can get through this next chapter too.

Open up to someone you trust about your feelings.

You’d be surprised at how many of your peers and even parents or mentors can relate or sympathize with your concerns.  You are certainly not the only one feeling the way you do.  If you have no one you trust, try reading more about quarter life crisis experiences online or watching videos about them on YouTube. It helps to know that you’re not alone.

Take small steps to prepare for a big change.

If you’re feeling a bit restless and looking for change, it is almost never a good idea to impulsively jump at the next big opportunity. Instead, put that restless energy to good use by carefully planning the next step.

Just because you feel old, doesn’t mean you are.

By all accounts, being in even your mid-upper twenties is still considered incredibly young.  Definitely too young to feel as though you’ve screwed up your future irreparably.

Try new things.

Since you’re feeling stuck and looking for a change, try new things to help you figure out what you want to do next.  Volunteer or study in a different field of work, pick up a new hobby, start a blog, travel, explore your area, etc.

Experience as much as you can until you figure out what seems to be “missing”.

Become more mindful and intentional.

The more mindful you are and the more intentional your actions become, the more you will feel in control of your life and situation. You can do simple things like meditating to be more mindful, and setting and tracking goals to live more intentionally. You can also search yourself deeper by trying guided journals and mindfulness practices.

You don’t have to quit your job.

Overcoming a quarter life crisis doesn’t always mean quitting your job and starting a YouTube channel.  It can just mean you are craving a change in your lifestyle.  Once you begin to take steps to institute that change, you’ll begin to learn more about yourself, and what it takes for you to be happy.

Starting a New Chapter

Going through a quarter life crisis is tough and often times it feels like there is no one who can sympathize with you, but that is simply not the case.  It’s something that affects a lot of millennials today.

Don’t feel too defeated by your unhappiness and need for change, think of it as an opportunity to set yourself up for the life you’ve always wanted.  Learn to embrace the challenges you face ahead of you.

I hope these tips can help guide you along.  It will be a long journey, but your happiness is worth it.


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