How to Start a Good Morning Routine

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Tips for how to start a good morning routine.

Most likely you want to start a morning routine because you feel you need more time in the day to get everything done.  You feel like there’s more you could fit in if only you could get up earlier and start the day off right by being more productive with your time.

If you aspire to have your mornings be the most productive time of your day, keep reading the tips below for how to get started making that dream a reality.

How to Start a Good Morning Routine


A good morning routine is one that works for you and helps you feel better at the end of your day and at the end of the week.  Something that accomplishes the “more” that you envision yourself getting done.

You may be intimidated by the sound of a new routine, but starting it is just a matter of planning it and figuring out how to make it something you do consistently.

Figure Out Your Focus for the Day

To start, figure out your priority of the day.  Why are you even looking to start a morning routine in the first place?  Are you looking to exercise more, be more productive, have more energy, or to get some time for self-care and relaxation?

Understanding what you want most out of the day and what you’re actually looking to achieve will help you build a morning routine that actually makes you feel like you’ve improved your day.

Be Realistic About Your Goals

We all want to improve our lives and sometimes we fall into the trap of reaching for goals that suit our “ideal” selves and not our “real” selves.

As is the case for a morning routine, you may think the answer to a perfect one is waking up at four in the morning to journal, exercise, meal prep, and pamper yourself all before anyone else wakes up or before you have to get ready for work.

In fact, that’s a highly unrealistic aspiration for most people and will most likely leave you feeling exhausted, burnt out, and guilty for not achieving what you mistakenly thought you should have been able to do.

Instead, figure out a realistic alarm to set to get up early and accomplish all you want to.  You can ease your way into an earlier time by pushing your alarm back five or ten minutes a day over the course of a week or two, and trying to go to sleep earlier when you can.

Similarly, don’t set too many tasks for your morning routine; you can spread them out across the week if you have a lot.

Create your morning routine based on your priorities and what’s realistic for you to achieve.

Make it Stick

If you know you’ll fail to make it a habit if you just jump right into it, start by adding one new thing a day, a week, until you’ve built your routine.  Again, this method is the perfect way to make sure you don’t end up doing your routine for a week, then feeling burnt out and never doing it again.

Give your body, mind, and schedule time to adjust to this new routine.

Or, if you’re someone who needs to make a big change to make a new habit stick (similar to going cold turkey), then just jump right into it and see how it makes you feel.

If you feel energized and accomplished instead of drained at the end of a week or two,  that means its working for you!

Don’t be Afraid to Tweak it

Remember, it’s okay to change or constantly change your routine to what fits your needs best.  Eventually, over time with consistency and dedication, it will manifest to be just as it’s called, a routine.

How to Create A Morning Routine

It’s certainly a universal concept to wish you had more time in the day, but what we would do with that proverbial extra time is different for everyone.

Once you figure out what you want do do most with that time, you can create a plan to implement it in your daily routine.

By creating a morning routine for yourself by setting priorities and slowly giving yourself time to adjust to your new schedule, you can be more productive and improve your overall well-being.


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